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About us

This is the way how i started.
For a few years ago i started with airbrush.
I made different airbrush projects like helmets, airboxes, T- shirts, portrets and a lot of other things. 
Most of the time i paint helmets, parts from cars and motor bike parts.
I started painting helmets on the moment that i buy my own helmet.
I was looking for somebody who can paint it but the most designers where expensive or it was not the design that i liked.
That is why i followed a study for airbrush in Almere. (The Netherlands)
I have done  a few courses and learned a lot by myself.

On this moment i have airbrushed several helmets for clients and they where very contented.With a lot of practice on paper and old helmets i found out a lot of things that works very well. I’m getting handy by the time.
On this way i have learn a lot and i’m getting my own style of airbrush and discover new things. I’m sure that other people also like to do airbrush in his or her style.

That is why i also give lessons for free-hand airbrush and continuation workshops. Like frisk-film and portrait.
It is nice to do. Not only the students but also i learn a lot every lesson.

Best regards,

Miranda van Middendorp

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