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This dedicated working area is equipped with professional equipment.
The airbrush guns (right) which are used in order to get the perfect result. With this airbrush guns it is possible to spray a really thin layer of paint on any surface. by using different airbrush guns you can create the most special effects to get a perfect result.

iOn this rotating table (right) the helmets are exactly measured and signed before being sprayed. On this way you avoid that the helmet will be non-symmetic.

This compressor (left) is special designed for airbrushing. Because of the large airtank and pressuretools the pressure stay constantly while using it by airbrushing

Airbrush Pistolen

With this projector it is possible to make a projection of a images on a helmet or something different. On this way it is possible to make a exact copy from a portrait or something else and make the exact shape. After this you can start with airbrushing.

The airbrush area is very well exposed with special lighting. In this way the colors remain bright and highly visible. This is of course very important for a good result.